Creative Destruction 652

Working with many early stage inventors, I often have the privilege of seeing some truly remarkable inventions and innovations. A few days ago I was shown a technology that snugly fits into that remarkable category, one that has the potential to radically transform the way cars and other vehicles are powered. In fact, vehicles using this power source will never need to stop and refuel.

I’m not at liberty to explain this technology in detail, but using this power source to fuel what is otherwise an electric vehicle, these cars will have 70% fewer moving parts – no ignition, gas tank, oil filter, catalytic converter, or muffler – and in this case, a highly efficient, non-traditional battery that will outlive the life of the rest of the car.

The best part is that it emits as close to zero pollution as we may ever hope to get.

After seeing this stunning new technology I had to take a step back and assess its true potential. It provides tremendous advantages on every front. Easy to manufacture, simple to understand, while being less expensive to build and operate, it has the potential to operate virtually maintenance free for decades.

On the surface it sounds too good to be true, but rest assured, it does exist. It offers a breakthrough tantamount to nuclear fusion.

However this is not a column about this particular technology. Rather, it’s about disruption, and whether or not a startup like this can ever hope to dislodge the existing power-brokers in the oil, gas, and automotive industries.

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