The Disruptive Nature of the Sharing Economy: Finding the Next Great Opportunities

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  1. The main future driving forces namely the centrality of networks, especially social networks, technological innovation and the prominence of transformation, especially institutional transformation in human endeavors, will ensure that the sharing economy expand exponentially in the future. Eager to see if the future mega companies will be based on the nexus between social media and the sharing economy.

  2. Great read! So in theory your local library could become the “Amazon” of your “local community-sharing hub for virtually anything” – sans shipping or drones. I suspect that could catch on…

    Less stuff = more freedom. I’m a fan!

  3. The future not only includes verticals such as car-sharing, tool sharing, etc. – rather the aggregation of those verticals so fractured searches are fixed. Why look on 5 p2p car sharing sites instead of one? is an example of what is coming – all in one searches delivering inventory from multiple verticals.

  4. ronald holmes

    tom, great tom, much like capturing a blooming flower and giving it infinite bloom power.

    imagine (j. lennon) the contagious “disease of smiling”. as you point out—truly shared experiences in a world of evolving lifestyles.

    with what I emailed you today (perhaps you and I can share), I have met the enemy and he is us….pogo

  5. Christina

    Thanks. Very interesting article. Always learn and benefit from what you write.

  6. Gavin

    I think I saw a Ted video on this sort of thing for business.

    Company’s can share underused capital. Like a farmer can have other farmers borrow his new expensive havestor or a builders digger rather than them all buying their own.

    I think this underused capital is meant to run into the trillions $, a clever website might do some good.

    On a side note I have just seen a video on augmented cognition which looks really interesting for education if you paired it with augmented reality, Google Glass and a personal AI assistant. Think how much you could learn and how fast.

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