1. Creating Holes in the Fabric of the Future

    I often get asked the question, “How do you become a futurist?” When I get this question, I know that the person asking is secretly thinking that being a futurist is one of the coolest professions of all times, which it is. And they want some concrete process for becoming a futurist, which there isn’t one. Becoming a futurist is really a calling. You are being called by the little voices in …Read More

  2. Altering Our Dependencies… one snip at a time

    My granddaughter, Dez, and I rarely see eye to eye. But we have a relationship where we are heavily dependant upon each other   I’m a bit like film director Robert Zemeckis who co-wrote the screenplay Back to the Future. I notice those little things that have disappeared, fond memories of my chilldhood, like service stations that actually had people who provided service. Other pieces of America…Read More

  3. Thinking in Eights

    "Beyond the known, lies the future" Very often the work that I do is in groupings of eight, and you are probably wondering what the significance is of the number eight.  Have I always been tormented with an "eight" fetish?  Is this some sort of obsession like Jim Carrey in the movie "23"?  Will the world end if I somehow violate my own rules-of-eight? (more…)…Read More

  4. The Ethics Of Knowledge

    Is there such a thing as inherently bad knowledge? Or is all knowledge value-neutral? These are the mind probing questions that I have posed to many seminar groups.The initial response typically is silence, as they mull over the options. They then begin to mentally test out extreme scenarios as a way to land in their own comfort zone. Most are very cautious in voicing an opinion, but eventually so…Read More