1. Systems Thinking and the Future of Education

    [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R1jek4U7vbg&feature=player_embedded[/youtube] Short video clip on "Systems Thinking" recorded at the Plan Fort Collins event on March 3, 2010 A recent article in iLibrarian explained it this way. Online education seems set on its course to overtake traditional colleges within the next few decades, especially as our society becomes ever more dependent on …Read More

  2. Competing for Status

    32 accomplishments that will give you the influence of a college degree “Does being smarter make you happier?” This was the question I posed to the audience at a recent DaVinci Institute event, hoping to gauge their reaction. I found it fascinating to watch this very conflicted group of amazingly bright people as they struggled to put their thoughts into words. In the end, the answers, which v…Read More

  3. Ghost Towns of the Internet

      When today’s data goldmines becomes tomorrow’s data carcasses In 1859 the tiny community of Tin Cup, Colorado got its first taste of gold fever. A tiny amount of gold was all it took for prospectors to start poking around with hopes of striking it rich. Twenty years later they landed their first major strike and rumors of the find spread across the country. By 1900, the once insignificant m…Read More

  4. 9.) Trends to Watch in 2010 – TV-Internet Convergence

      Virtually everywhere you look there are video screens. You see them in bars and restaurants, on elevators, in the back of taxis, and on airplanes. Even most cell phones have now have video screens. Some are connected to the Internet and others are connected to cable television, two distinctly different uses for what amounts to the same screen technology. In the future, people will look back at …Read More

  5. 8.) Trends to Watch in 2010 – Alternatives to Incarceration

      In a country that claims to be the land of the free, the number of people under the control of the U.S. corrections system has exploded over the last 25 years to more than 7.3 million, or 1 in every 31 U.S. adults, according to a report released by the Pew Center on the States. The actual number of people behind bars rose to 2.3 million, nearly five times more than the world's average. The U.S.…Read More

  6. 7.) Trends to Watch in 2010 – Colleges Face the Perfect Storm

      After looking at all the signals, there is no other way to describe it. Colleges are under attack. Several legs of the financial stools upon which they are sitting have been kicked out from under them, forcing higher tuition rates on an already cautious base of consumers. But money is only part of the equation. Cultural shifts, technological advances, and changes in customer perceived value a…Read More

  7. The Future of Colleges & Universities – Part Two

    The College Experience NOTE: The following is the second in a four part series title: The Future of Colleges & Universities:  Blueprint for a Revolution   Colleges and Universities carry with them considerable inertia. They have long-standing traditions, huge alumni networks, solid brands in the minds of consumers, and are more durable than corporations with many having lasted centuries and …Read More

  8. The Future of Colleges & Universities – Part One

    The Future of Colleges & Universities: Blueprint for a Revolution NOTE: The following is the first in a four part series title: The Future of Colleges & Universities:  Blueprint for a Revolution A recent article in the Washington Post began with the statement that today’s college students “may be part of the last generation for which ‘going to college’ means packing up, getting a …Read More

  9. The Museum of the Future

    Establishing a new standard for cultural relevance Just mention the word museum and a myriad of images come to mind. Folks line up for blocks for a King Tut exhibit. Visitors swarm extravagant nanotechnology and human anatomy displays. Static displays have been the bread and butter for years. That is changing. Museums these days seem to cater more and more to the fun-science junkie in us. There is…Read More

  10. Empty Playgrounds: Global Populations in Decline

    Many countries are asking, "Where have all the children gone?" In the next sixty seconds 245 babies will be born worldwide. India and China alone will add 36 and 29 respectively. When numbers such as these are reported by the news media they paint a very gloomy picture of the world to come. This portrayal is seriously misleading. The population bomb is a misfire. Notions that a massive wave of hum…Read More