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Epiphany Z is a dynamic approach to envisioning, comprehending, and ultimately thriving in the radically different futures emerging around us at the speed of light. Frey’s unparalleled ability to detect emerging trends from the smallest of clues gives him an edge on other futurists.

He shares with you:

  • What are tomorrow’s hottest industries?

  • What huge industries of today are doomed to extinction?

  • How will our lives be changed by advancements in robotics, in drone technology, and in manufacturing and transportation?

  • How can education cope with the explosive new world of enhanced information, hyperactive business environments, and unimaginable cultural shifts?

  • Who will be the masters of tomorrow’s universe—and who will be left behind?

  • Above all, how can you protect yourself from the most disruptive aspects of the changes sweeping your way—as well as become one of the masters of those changes?

Distilling decades of research, experience, and proven success in correctly identifying and accurately extrapolating today’s trends and innovations into tomorrow’s realities, this event will give you an advance ticket to the most explosive period of change in all of human history.

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You were fanstastic

Thank you Thomas for a wonderful event!  You were fantastic, the presentation was fantastic and I heard nothing but rave comments.

Tim Gomes, Topaz Lighting and Electric

You were a real hit…

Thank you for being such an incredible speaker and discussion leader for us all yesterday evening.  The feedback last night and throughout this morning has been phenomenal. Our attendees tend to be very smart, discerning and very critical – and you were a real hit with all of them. That’s quite the accomplishment!

Maggie Fouquet President, IBCircle