1. Ten-X Stimulus Projects

    Separating the wheat from the chaff as we invest in our future As we begin the process of thinking through the places where we can insert the electrodes and shock new life into the global economy, I would propose a new way of reviewing proposals, allowing the best of the best to rise to the top. I propose we only consider projects that can provide at least a 10X rate of return on our investment do…Read More

  2. The Library of the Future Series: Part 3 – The Electronic Outpost

    As a public entity, libraries have been evolving. No longer are they the book-centric institutions of the mid 1900s. But the changes we’ve seen to date are only a tiny fraction of the changes we will see in the coming decades. There are no road maps that give us a clear picture of where we are headed, only fuzzy ideas. For this reason we will begin to see more and more experimentation in the are…Read More

  3. Fourteen Future Trends for Business in 2009 and Beyond

    Global shifts will cause a new social order to emerge As I started pulling my notes together for 2009 trends, I instantly became overwhelmed by the sheer volume of changes currently in the works. The number of moving parts seems to exceed the number of stationary parts. All of our markets, systems, and technologies have become incredibly fluid, and much like a floating vessel, we are heading to pa…Read More

  4. Owning Your Own Country

    The world is in for some radical changes ahead. Hold on tight, we are in for a wild ride. Building islands, selling them as autonomous countries On a recent trip to Dubai, I spoke at the prestigious "Leaders in Dubai" forum along with the likes of Tom Peters, former NY City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, former World Bank President James Wolfensohn, Citi Group Chairman Sir Win Bischoff, and former McKinsey …Read More

  5. Libraries of the Future

    Where great ideas happen, and people have the tools to act on them Ten years ago, many in the tech elite were predicting the demise of the public library. Little did they understand that libraries are living, breathing organisms. Much like plants that flourish with good dirt, water and sunshine, libraries have begun to thrive in our information-rich environment. Libraries are going through an age …Read More

  6. A Description is Not an Explanation

    A definition states what a word or concept means, while a description identifies properties or qualities of things.  Both of these answer the question, "What?" However, to fully grasp a difficult concept, we need an explanation.  An explanation answers the question, "Why?" As we wade through the knowledge base of science, it becomes easy to confuse definitions and descriptions with having a thor…Read More

  7. Nanotech and the Precautionary Principal

    The Precautionary Principal and the shifting onus of responsibility The future will be neither as good as some would lead us to believe, or as bad as other would have us think. But it is the onus of responsibility that becomes the industry's "hot potato", with innovators squaring off against product safety experts and consumer advocates over who should bear the ultimate cost and responsibility of …Read More

  8. Thinking in Eights

    "Beyond the known, lies the future" Very often the work that I do is in groupings of eight, and you are probably wondering what the significance is of the number eight.  Have I always been tormented with an "eight" fetish?  Is this some sort of obsession like Jim Carrey in the movie "23"?  Will the world end if I somehow violate my own rules-of-eight? (more…)…Read More

  9. Bringing the US Patent & Trademark Office to Colorado

    Understanding the new realities of economic development The USPTO is hiring. In fact they are doing a lot of hiring, over 1,200 new examiners every year, and they still can’t keep up with the deluge of new patent filings. But while the number of patent filings has grown from 90,544 in 1967 to 484,955 in 2007, a 535% workload increase in 40 years plus an equally growing backlog of patent applicat…Read More

  10. The Opposite of War is Not Peace

    The weirdness of future of wars will make us wish we were dealing with knives and swords again In 1976, President Gerald Ford issued an executive order forbidding the assassination of any foreign head of state. This order was issued when word leaked out that the CIA had made several attempts on Castro's life as well as other "enemies" of the US. This is a topic that I've often struggled with becau…Read More