1. Rockstar Needed – Apply Now

    Every industry has its own “favorite son”, but for many areas of new technology there are no real household names associated with them. There are no people like Albert Einstein, Carl Sagan, or Chuck Norris rising to the forefront of these technologies. Put another way, these technologies represent industries without their own rock stars. (more…)…Read More

  2. The Empire of One

    "The fundamental unit of the new economy is not the corporation, but the individual." - Thomas Malone & Robert Laubacher Running a solo business in the past meant that you had a one-person practice, most often offering a professional service, well suited for lawyers, accountants, and doctors.  However, a new breed of solo business has emerged that allows people to leverage the power of the In…Read More

  3. Ten New Parks to Inspire the Mind and Redefine the Communities We Live In

    Participatory Parks will Create New Cultures in Communities Choosing to Charter Their Own Destiny Great cities throughout history were known far and wide for the grand parks that served as their centerpieces. But what do we think about today when we conjure up the image of a park? Fresh cut green grass, trimmed trees, playground for the kids, and perhaps a stream of water running through part of i…Read More

  4. Fractal Transactions

    Launching a New Era in the Future of Money Imagine yourself sometime in the future sitting in front of a television, watching your favorite show, and a pizza commercial comes on. This is one of those commercials that hits you at exactly the right time and you instantly start craving pizza. For the next few seconds you stare at the screen and your mind thinks of nothing other than pizza. Finally yo…Read More

  5. 2050 and the Future of Transportation

    Frictionless vehicles and binary power will define transportation in the world ahead Transportation technology is progressing at a much slower pace than some of the other sciences such as information technology, biotech, and nanotechnology. As an example, the world's human speed record was set in 1969, a full 37 years ago, when Thomas Stafford, John Young, and Gene Cernan flew in Apollo 10 at 24,7…Read More

  6. The Happiness Index

    A New Way to Measure the World Around Us What is the value of being happy? Yes, happiness means different things to different people, but even without having a common definition, happiness has become a significant focal point of study and research around the world. And working on the assumption that whatever we measure will get better, the "happiness index" will become a significant measuring stic…Read More

  7. Creating the Ultimate Information Experience

    Planning Our Next Generation Libraries Literacy is a learned skill involving an ability to transform characters on paper into mental concepts and images. Listening to an audio book requires a slightly different skill, but requires the ability to transform audio sounds into mental concepts and images. The trend in the information world is to make the interface between information and our brains as …Read More

  8. Nano-Weaponry: Entree to a Twisted Reality

    Invisible to the human eye, nano diameter needles will be shot like clusters of bullets from great distances to “pin” people to a wall or freeze their physical movement. Nano needles, because of their incredibly tiny diameter, will be the ultimate non-lethal weapon, leaving no visible wounds and causing no permanent damage. I would like to begin by saying that I am not a fan of using nanotechn…Read More

  9. The New, New Language Wars

    When the United States was founded, only 40 percent of the people living within its boundaries spoke English as their first language. Today that number is 87%. For most of us, English is like the air we breathe: natural, given, right.  However, language is rarely a given, a fact of which many groups are painfully aware. Language is a key battleground for national and cultural conflict. (more&hell…Read More

  10. Some Thoughts on Flying Cars

    Terrafugia - Redefining the flying car What exactly is a flying car? My life is a bit unusual in that I often have conversations with people about the topic of flying cars. Since I was a child I dreamed about the day that we would have flying cars. But, other than the vague notion of the flying car that George Jetson drove each day to Spacely Sprockets, we have no real definition of the flying ca…Read More