Thomas Frey
Viewing the Milky Way


Thomas Frey 543s 500
Researching the latest future trends




On the farm






In the classroom


On the Farm 9-2010 028s
On the farm - September 2010


The hat



The plea


Appearance on Sydney's Channel 10 Breakfast Show 11/2012


Appearance on Sydney's Channel 10 Breakfast Show 11/2012



Thomas Frey at CNN 1
On the set of CNN in Mexico City with News Anchor Carmen Aristegul


ExpoManagement-2009-Futurist-Thomas-Frey 500
Promo for HSM's ExpoManagement 2009 in Mexico City



Feeling crazy


Futurist Thomas Frey on Your Brand Radio 1
Thomas & Deb Frey on YourBrand Radio


On the Farm 9-2010 023s
Working in the shop


Thomas Frey at CNN 3
Being interviewed by CNN News Anchor Carmen Aristegul




Thomas Frey - Celebrity Futurist Speaker 9 500
Hanging out in the workshop


On the Farm 9-2010 006s
Looking through a combine header


Thomas Frey 544s 500
In the library prepping for the next keynote


Futurist Thomas Frey Speaking in Bangalore India s3
Futurist Thomas Frey speaking in Bangalore, India


On the ride home 9-2010 012s
Inspecting the sunflowers


Thomas Frey 545s 500
In the Library


Thomas Frey at HSM 2
On stage at ExpoManagement 2009 speaking to an audience of 2,500 people


Thomas Frey - Futurist Speaker 10 Workshop 500
Back in the workshop


Thomas Frey - Futurist Speaker 8 - Father of Invention 500
Referred to by the Denver Post as the "Father of Invention"


Thomas Frey - Celebrity Futurist Speaker 611
Together with sons Darby & Kyler


Thomas Frey - Futurist Speaker 7
Speaking at the Future of Money Summit - 2003


On the Farm 9-2010 017s2
Thomas often says he was born and raised on a John Deere tractor

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