Futurist Thomas Frey has garnered a lot of press with his ideas and concepts. Here are some of the places you can find out where he has been and who he has impacted.


Billions of Jobs to Disappear by 2030. What Does that Mean for Manufacturing?

By 2022, one billion jobs will evaporate as a result of advances in automation technology, says futurist Thomas Frey. That accounts for one out of every four jobs. By 2030, that number will reach two billion, he predicts—roughly half of all jobs on the planet…    Posted on Jan 24, 2013 HERE -


2013 tech predictions: Drones, 3D printers and telco rage

Posted on News.Com.AU HERE and on Perth.Com.AU HERE



Q: How did you become a futurist, and what does that mean to you?

A: I’ve always had a mind that was time shifted towards the future. So as an example, when you get up in the morning and are thinking about going to work, I was always thinking about how people would be going to go to work 10 years from now. When you decide what clothes you’re going to wear, I was thinking about what people were going to wear 10 years from now.

Being a futurist is far less about making predictions and far more about expanding our thinking about what the future holds.   MORE…


In November of 2012 Thomas was on the Australian Broadcasting Company’s Late Show with Mark Colvin.


Positive World Radio Networkpresents

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Generation Reinvention # 11:The Next 20 Years, Part 2

On Jan 25, 2012 Thomas was interviewed by Brent Green on Positive World Radio Network’s Generation Reinvention program from the perspective of being one of the world’s most respected futuristic thinkers and speakers.

They discussed what are the technologies of the future that will change everything, especially for a generation that has always been eager to adopt new technologies that improve quality of life? What technologies are available today that are not evenly distributed but will help change the experience of aging?

The podcast link is at the bottom of THIS PAGE.


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Thomas Frey, Futurist appears on- WGN Radio on Jan 24, 2012 after being named Innovation Editor to The Futurist magazine. Host Mike McConnel talks to him about Driverless Cars, and they take your calls .



They even like Thomas in Bulgaria!

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This LINK takes you to a Bulgarian repost of his article on ’2050 and the Future of Transportation.

Originally posted HERE.


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Here is a link to a radio interview from 8/3/2011 on AM1400 KKZZ with host Bill Frank

Tom Frey Peers Into The Future To Extract Eight Future Technologies That Will Define The World



Predicting or Creating the Future?

by PAUL MARTIN on JANUARY 7, 2012 on the blog for the Chesaeake chapter of Incose. The Chesapeake Chapter of INCOSE serves the systems engineering community in Baltimore, MD and its suburbs. INCOSE is an international professional organization dedicated to advancing the practice of Systems Engineering.



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Innovation Is the Latest Innovation

This is a post on the mailbigfile blog that talks about Thomas Frey and DaVinci Institute.


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TEDxUChicago 2011 – Thomas Frey – Communicating with the Future



They like Thomas in France!

This LINK takes you to the French translation of Thomas’ press page.