1. Inspiring & thought provoking!

    I saw Mr. Frey speak yesterday evening and thoroughly enjoyed it. Very inspiring and thought provoking. …Read More

    Terry Dehring, QuickTrophy, LLC
  2. Wowed our Executives!

    Thank you for participating in our Think Tank Forum. You gave a wonderful speech that wowed our executives.…Read More

    Rong Wang
  3. You were fanstastic

    Thank you Thomas for a wonderful event!  You were fantastic, the presentation was fantastic and I heard nothing but rave comments.…Read More

    Tim Gomes, Topaz Lighting and Electric
  4. You were a real hit…

    Thank you for being such an incredible speaker and discussion leader for us all yesterday evening.  The feedback last night and throughout this morning has been phenomenal. Our attendees tend to be very smart, discerning and very critical - and you were a real hit with all of them. That's quite the accomplishment!…Read More

    Maggie Fouquet President, IBCircle
  5. Very Inspiring…

    Thanks again for your very inspiring presentation at the meeting in Feldafing last week. Very much enjoyed your thoughts.…Read More

    Dr. Helmuth Ludwig, Executive Vice President - Siemens
  6. Wow!

    Thanks so much for presenting to the IIABA Trusted Choice Board yesterday.  Wow!  What a fun, scary, enlightening experience!  Pamela Adams…Read More

    Pamela Adams
  7. Positive impact on future generations

    Tom - Just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for taking the time to visit with Mindaptiv.  We are so very grateful for the fact that you understand our technology and the positive impact it will have on future generations.  The article you wrote was impressive and helped others “get it”. With much gratitude.  …Read More

    Ken Granville, CEO Mindaptiv
  8. Thank you

    “On behalf of the membership, I want to thank you for your presentation on future business trends.”…Read More

    Kristine Garland
  9. An exceedingly bright guy

    “Tom is an exceedingly bright guy, a humorous speaker and a person who is quick to challenge conventional wisdom.”…Read More

    George Sharpe
  10. Greatly enjoyed your talk

    "I greatly enjoyed your talk at GGG999. I gleaned so much from your presentation and felt a new spark ignite inside me." Comprehensive Reliability & Test Engineer…Read More

    Rick Marriot