Futurist Speaker Thomas Frey 322

Futurist Thomas Frey explaining the 12 Laws of the Future

What People are Saying

“Tom is very insightful and definitely an original thinker.”Former Colorado Governor Bill Owens

“Your presentation was absolutely wonderful.” - Former Colorado Governor Richard Lamm

“I just wanted to Thank you again for a most uplifting and informational Talk I have heard in many years! You hit the nail on the head with so many of the items you challenged us with!!”Daryl Lang, NAMIC (National Assoc of Mutual Insurance Companies)

“Thomas, on behalf of R&R Partners and Colorado EO I wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you for your enlightening presentation yesterday. I love it when I exercise and you made my brain hurt so I know you were pushing the right brain muscles! Again really appreciate you spending time with us and look forward to our paths crossing again maybe in an airport lounge somewhere…” – Sean Tonner, President, R&R Colorado

“I wanted to offer my grateful thanks to you for serving as a keynote speaker for the Create WV conference in Richwood, on October 24-26. The conference received high marks all around, certainly including your remarks during the first plenary session and your gracious follow-on discussion later in the conference. Your helping hand will long be remembered in Richwood.”Robert C. ‘Bob’ Johnson, Mayor, City of Richwood

“Tom was great! We received high marks on his presentation! He was appealing and relevant to our audience and a dynamic speaker. It was truly a pleasure to meet him and a pleasure to work with you on getting him to our convention.”Rozana Audisho, Public Relations Manager – FSCC Credit Union Retail Delivery Convention

“I saw you speak many years ago for a group including employees of the Larimer County Workforce Center, and still today, this has been one of the most impactful events I have ever attended. Thanks for the work that you do, and sharing it with so many!”Christa Menning, Career Transition Counselor with Larimer County Workforce Center

Thankyou for your excellent presentation in Jacksonville. It was a pleasure spending time with you, and your “Future of Education” speech was extremely well received. 84% of our attendees rated the presentation Good-Excellent. Powerful number indeed.”Larry Fairman, Director, Florida Workforce Summit

You are an amazing keynote speaker. Your experience and knowledge contributed in a huge way to the success of our Sales Rally. You have given us vision and clarity to the confusing world of technology emerging around us, showing us where our business is going, and because of that, many participants now see the urgency to act for our company to maintain its position as a leader in the ICT market.” - Martin Geoffroy, General Manager, Business Development, Bell Canada

Tom is an exceedingly bright guy, a humorous speaker and a person who is quick to challenge conventional wisdom. He is a quick study who can develop an imaginative presentation around almost any conceivable topic.”George Sharpe, Founder of the Greenwood Group and former Vice President of Product Development for Hunter Douglas

“One of the most thoughtful and entertaining talks I’ve ever been to! Tom is a very deep thinker, both motivational and inspirational with his ability to build creative insights into the world ahead.”Steve Masias – Former EEOC Director, City of Colorado Springs

“Thomas’ presentation was a true hit! Event today, (one day later) his presentation is still a significant source of positive buzz and energy and has aided in framing the rest of our conference.” – Don Ingle, Director of Information Technology, City of Boulder, Colorado

“Fascinating, idea-generating talk! You delivery was very funny, but at the same time thought-provoking and inspiring.”Gary Taylor – VP Coldwell Banker

“Your talk was wonderful! Very engaging. We were all still talking about it on Wednesday (two days later).”Alison C. Ruger, Director, Standards Business Development, Information Handling Services

“There are very few times I encourage an article as a must read for home educators but this is one that I HIGHLY recommend. While not about homeschooling directly it has some interesting points and conclusions that are well worth the read. Set aside about 15-20 minutes where you can really focus on what you are reading and check out The Future of Education by Thomas Frey from the DaVinci Institute.”Tenniel, Editor for School@Home

“On behalf of the membership, I want to thank you for your presentation on future business trends. Our members rated your presentation “excellent.” They enjoyed hearing your thoughts on the future of business and where the creative minds of tomorrow will take us. Lively conversations. Thanks again for a most interesting presentation!”Kristine Garland, Vice President, The Composite Can and Tube Institute

Tom, On behalf of ASFA and its members, thank you for your address in Plenary 4.  With this being ASFA’s 50th anniversary, the task of getting the speakers and content right whilst confronting the high level issues was so important. Your presentation was rated by 82% of respondents as very good to excellent. To quote some feedback:  “enlightening”, “Great to get the industry thinking differently”, “Well done. A little mind expanding without drugs” and “ Fantastic speaker absolute visionary, excellent choice”! – Pauline Vamos FASFA, ASFA AIF | Chief Executive Officer  | ASFA – The Voice of Super

“I am a Web Manager of a law firm by day, and a futurist by night. Thomas Frey is a beacon of inspiration for aspiring futurists like me. He is way, way ahead of the curve. And he’s humble – he met me (a “no one”) for an afternoon chat, and he was a delight to talk to……. I like to think I am the epitome of “innovative” In my mirror-pep-talk moments, but Thomas comes up with ideas that blow even me away. I am very impressed by this man and I hold him in high regard. If you need some forward-thinking for your company, or a futurist speaker, he is the first person in the world that you should contact.”  – Ersan Saribal – Digital Marketing Specialist: Strategist, Implementer & Analyst

“I am also a Triple Nine Member and greatly enjoyed your talk at GGG999 yesterday. I learned and gleaned much from your presentation and felt a new spark ignite inside me.”Rick Marriott – Comprehensive Reliability & Test Engineering, Polygon


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