“Very Inspiring…”

Thanks again for your very inspiring presentation at the meeting in Feldafing last week. Very much enjoyed your thoughts.…Read More

Dr. Helmuth Ludwig, Executive Vice President - Siemens


Thanks so much for presenting to the IIABA Trusted Choice Board yesterday.  Wow!  What a fun, scary, enlightening experience!  Pamela Adams…Read More

Pamela Adams

Positive impact on future generations

Tom – Just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for taking the time to visit with Mindaptiv.  We are so very grateful for the fact that you understand our technology and the positive impact it will have on future generations.  The article you wrote was impressive and helped others “get it”. With much gratitude.  …Read More

Ken Granville, CEO Mindaptiv

Thank you

“On behalf of the membership, I want to thank you for your presentation on future business trends.”…Read More

Kristine Garland

An exceedingly bright guy

“Tom is an exceedingly bright guy, a humorous speaker and a person who is quick to challenge conventional wisdom.”…Read More

George Sharpe

Greatly enjoyed your talk

“I greatly enjoyed your talk at GGG999. I gleaned so much from your presentation and felt a new spark ignite inside me.” Comprehensive Reliability & Test Engineer…Read More

Rick Marriot


I’m a Web Manager of a law firm by day, and a futurist by night. Thomas Frey is a beacon of inspiration for aspiring futurists like me. He is way…way…way ahead of the curve. Yet, he’s humble – he met me (a “no one”) for an afternoon chat, and he was a delight to talk to. I like to think that Continue Reading Digital Marketing Specialist: Strategist, Implem…Read More

Ersan Saribal

very good

Tom, On behalf of ASFA and its members, thank you for your address in Plenary 4. With this being ASFA’s 50th anniversary, the task of getting the speakers and content right whilst confronting the high level issues was so important. Your presentation was rated by 82% of respondents as very good to excellent. To quote some feedback: “enlightening”, “Great to Continue Reading FASFA, ASFA AIF …Read More

Pauline Vamos


On behalf of the membership, I want to thank you for your presentation on future business trends. Our members rated your presentation “excellent.” They enjoyed hearing your thoughts on the future of business and where the creative minds of tomorrow will take us. Lively conversations. Thanks again for a most interesting presentation!” Vice President, The Composite Can and Tube Institute…Read More

Kristine Garland

HIGHLY recommend

“There are very few times I encourage an article as a must read for home educators but this is one that I HIGHLY recommend. While not about homeschooling directly it has some interesting points and conclusions that are well worth the read. Set aside about 15-20 minutes where you can really focus on what you are reading and check out Continue Reading for School at Home…Read More

Tenniel Editor