Futurist Thomas Frey appears on the show, 'Today, meet the future' on Korea's National Broadcasting System KBS. Recorded in front of a live studio audience on April 20, 2015 in Seoul, Korea. While the beginning is in Korean, the Q&A at the 40 min mark is in English.


"What Industries will produce the First Trillionaires?" by Futurist Thomas Frey


"162 Future Jobs: Preparing for Jobs that Don’t Yet" by Futurist Thomas Frey


"Developing the Maslow Self-Actualization House" by Futurist Thomas Frey


"Three Laws of Exponential Capabilities" by Futurist Thomas Frey


Interview with Michael Scott, Host of New Market Freedom


Technological Unemployment & our need for Micro Colleges

Business owners today are actively deciding whether their next hire should be a person or a machine. After all, machines can work in the dark and don’t come with decades of HR case law requiring time off for holidays, personal illness, excessive overtime, chronic stress or anxiety.

If you’ve not heard the phrase “technological unemployment,” brace yourself; you’ll be hearing it a lot over the coming years. Technology is automating jobs out of existence at a record clip, and it’s only getting started. But at the same time, new jobs are also coming out of the woodwork.


"Future of the Future" - Lifetree Cafe 2014


TEDxRESET 2012 - "Communicating with the Future"


ABC’s Weekend Breakfast with Andrew Geoghegan


TEDxUChicago 2011 - "Communicating with the Future"


Futurist Thomas Frey appears on the Microsoft-produced
documentary “The Last Stand - Gears of War - Part 1”

In part 1 of this documentary, sponsored by Microsoft's Gears of War 2, military strategists, war historians, weapons experts and think tank members lay out what an invasion by a hostile alien species might look like.


Futurist Thomas Frey makes an appears on the Microsoft-produced
documentary “The Last Stand - Gears of War - Part 2”

In this sci-fi documentary, Futurist Thomas Frey, weapons developers, and military strategists all provide insight into the kinds of super-soldier weapons we are currently testing, as well as how mankind would rebuild after an attack by a sinister force.

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