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Thomas Frey is the Senior Futurist at the DaVinci Institute, and Google's top rated Futurist Speaker. Unlike most speakers, Thomas works closely with his Board of Visionaries to develop original research studies. This enables him to speak on unusual topics and translate trends into unique business opportunities. This video serves as a great example of Thomas's unique perspective of the future.

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Recent Posts

Recent Posts

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  1. Thank you so much!

    Thank you so much for speaking to us. Our entire group was enthralled and really enjoyed what you had to say.…Read More

    Janicke Rich, Harland Clarke Holdings
  2. The crowd absolutely loved your great style!

    The crowd absolutely loved your great style and your important messages about our impending future.  I’ve been receiving emails all morning commending you!…Read More

    Jennifer R. Darling | Executive Vice President, Children's Hospital Colorado Foundation
  3. Inspiring & thought provoking!

    I saw Mr. Frey speak yesterday evening and thoroughly enjoyed it. Very inspiring and thought provoking. …Read More

    Terry Dehring, QuickTrophy, LLC

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