1. Eight Fundamental Drivers Controlling Our Future

    As a futurist I spend much of my time searching for failure points. Why failure points? Because they are the unforgiving anchors around which society changes directions. In the U.S. we are now witnessing a record number of failures taking place. Just look around. Failed businesses, failed systems, f…Read More

  2. Power of 10 Interface

    Information at the speed of need The distance between information and our brain is getting shorter. Twenty years ago if you had access to a large information base, such as the Library of Congress, and someone asked you a series of questions, your task would have been to pour through the racks of boo…Read More

  3. The Fall of Book Publishing: The Rise of New E-Book Business Models

    Experimenting Our Way to Success - Reinventing Publishing Models Amazon revolutionized book reading in 2007 when it introduced its Kindle book reader. Within the past three years, the explosive sale of book readers has caused a massive surge in the sale of e-books, already outpacing the sale of har…Read More

  4. Turmoil Ahead for Housing

    Consider the following scenario. Over the next few years, several major cities in the U.S. will begin to impose a ban on all new residential and commercial construction. With populations declining in numerous metro areas, they will worry openly about becoming the next Detroit with abandoned neighb…Read More

  5. Reinventing Sales Tax

    Sales tax is a a system that is now on the verge of collapse As a general rule, extreme levels of complexity take a significant toll on society. The price we pay for complexity is far greater than the money involved. With upwards of 90,000 separate taxing districts in the U.S. sales tax has become …Read More

  6. Privatizing Libraries

    Expanding our thinking about the notion of corporate-run community libraries Consider the following scenario. Two years from now in November, you find yourself walking into a voting booth to decide on the fate of your local library. The issue you will be deciding affects you directly because it has …Read More

  7. The Alternative Transportation District

    Short video clip about the opportunities associated with creating an alternative transportation district. Recorded at the Plan Fort Collins event on March 3, 2010 Over the past few years I have been carefully watching what has turned into an explosion of alternative transportation vehicles being dev…Read More

  8. Where is My Flying Car?

    First things first. Before we can have flying cars, we will need to go through the era of flying delivery drones Imagine yourself in 2030, 20 years in the future, sitting in your living room watching your favorite show on a 3D holographic display, and you witness a product placement scene where som…Read More

  9. The Urgency Paradox

    As people live longer, some aspects of life are beginning to slow down Tick, tick, tick. For virtually all working people, there is a clock ticking in the background. Tick, tick, tick. Much like the rhythm of a beating heart, the sound of time creates a rhythm for our lives, a world unfolding in iam…Read More

  10. The Coming of the Terabyters

    A new breed of worker, equipped with uber-geek data-capturing tools, are about to usher in a whole new information era Recently I was preparing for a talk on the future of money, a talk I have given many times in the past, and I became absorbed with one singular thought – the relationship between…Read More