1. 6.) Trends to Watch in 2010 – The Turing Test for Avatars

    The recently released James Cameron thriller Avatar has set an entirely new standard for moviemaking, and in the process has given us a visualization of what the evolution of the avatar may lead to. The term “avatar” in the context of a digital computer-self was first coin by Neal Stephenson in …Read More

  2. 4.) Trends to Watch in 2010 – The Personal Mobility Explosion

    The Audi Snook - concept vehicle Pay close attention, there is a revolution brewing on the personal mobility end of the transportation spectrum. Nothing symbolizes personal freedom more than our ability to travel from one place to another quickly, and efficiently. But for the most part, we’ve been…Read More

  3. 3.) Trends to Watch in 2010 – Forced Entrepreneurship

    Forced entrepreneurship, making its way to a family near you One of the overriding forces in 2010 will be the financial pressures stemming from the recession. The recession will not be ending anytime soon because Washington is too focused on the wrong issues, and the stimulus money is not being chan…Read More

  4. 2.) Trends to Watch in 2010 – The Coming Legal Marijuana Era

    With the hippie generation moving into the seat of power, many of the hard-line arguments for keeping marijuana on the same banned substance lists as heroine and cocaine are fading into the history books. The challenge all along for those wishing for outright legalization of pot has been that it doe…Read More

  5. 1.) Trends to Watch in 2010 – The End of Golf

    Golf has hit a brick wall, a veritable trifecta of bad luck. Rest assured, golf won’t be going away anytime soon, but the current industry slump is only the beginning of a much larger trend. When you combine the fact that there are too many golf courses, declining revenue streams, record number of…Read More

  6. iTunes U – The Rise of the 800 Pound Guerrilla

      In April 2009 Stanford University announced that its iPhone Application Programming course had broken the 1 million download mark from the Apple iTunes site. And it did it in record time - less than seven weeks. The course is nothing more than a series of classroom videos being taught by a team o…Read More

  7. The Coolest Profession on Earth – Next Generation Agriculture

    Future agribusiness professionals will be some of the most highly skilled people on earth, and the envy of the executive class When people think of farming, they typically conjure up images of a tractor cresting a hill billowing large plumes of exhaust into the air. However, recent news of a system …Read More

  8. The Hornet Nest Theory

      An atypical test for spotting financial system failure In nature, the Asian Giant Hornet is a predator that feeds off bees with the goal of obtaining the honey bee larvae. One of these hornets can kill as many as 40 honey bees per minute. It takes only a small amount of these hornets a scant few …Read More

  9. When Smart Grid Meets Smart Home

      Way back when guys were sporting white leisure suits and “mod” hair styles, I enrolled in my first programming class. In 1973, programmers were introduced to the far less glamorous world of FORTRAN working with machines that churned out punch cards. Like electricity, computer power was a prec…Read More

  10. Future Trends Report :: 8 Key Trends Affecting Our Future

    If you are feeling left behind by all of the changes happening around us, you're not alone. In this week's Future Trend Report we are finding that there are currently nearly 90,000 local governmental entities that have sprung to life in the US. This includes counties, municipalities, and townships a…Read More