1. Curiosity-Driven Education

    “If a teacher can be replaced by a machine, they should be.” - Arthur C. Clark In 1999, Professor Sugata Mitra embedded a computer in a wall in a slum in New Dehli, connected it to high speed internet and left it there. Kids in the area, mesmerized by this technology, learn to use computers by t…Read More

  2. Eight Great Explosions in Video

    What will it be like to watch television in 2030? Having just returned from four days at the famous Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, I am spending the next couple weeks sorting through the vast array of products I came across, looking for overarching trends and patterns that may signal lifest…Read More

  3. The Future of the Cruise Industry

    Designing cruise ships today to meet the wants, needs, and desires of future generations Having just returned from a holiday cruise on the Mexican Riviera, I became intrigued with the prospects for this behemoth industry, and the long-term implications of designing ships today that mesh well with th…Read More

  4. Global Elections

    Over the past month I have hosted a series of meetings to discuss the topic of global elections. The purpose of these discussions was to help expand our understanding of the topic. I also truly believe that someone will begin to produce global elections, in a meaningful way, sometime very soon. To b…Read More

  5. Introducing the Slashcasters

    Slashcasters, a new breed of pitchmen for the digital age of retail I was recently asked to do the keynote talk at a retailer conference in Orlando, Florida speaking on the topic of what the future of retail may hold. At one point in the conversation, the caller made the comment that one of the bigg…Read More

  6. City of the Future – Part 2

      Building Culture, Striving for "Divine Context" As we start to understand the way people connect with their local communities in the future, we begin to see a growing need for central gathering places to help drive person-to-person activities. Ironically, at a time when cities are very strapped f…Read More

  7. Reinventing Humanity by Reinventing Time

    Humans think about the underlying systems we use for keeping time in much the same way that fish think about water. We simply don’t. The numbers on the clock are a constant reminder of our daily schedule, where we should be, and what happens next. We eat, sleep, and breathe according to a framewor…Read More

  8. City of the Future – Part One

    Great communities are founded on great ideas. At the same time, our most admired communities become a magnet, attracting the brightest minds. The relational effect is clear: Bright minds make a community great, and great communities attract bright minds. In the future, communities will be designed a…Read More

  9. Interview with Ukraine’s InvestGazeta

    What will cause the power to shift among nations between now and 2050? I often get interview requests from newspaper and magazines as they probe for a better understanding of the world ahead. However, the request I received two days ago was a bit unusual. On Monday, I received an email from Elena Sn…Read More

  10. Prize Competition #1: The Race to the Core

    Over the next year I will be proposing a series of eight major prize competitions, competitions designed to pit the countries of the world against each other in a series of extraordinary tests of skills and abilities. Only countries will be allowed to compete; not companies, colleges, or any other k…Read More