1. The Great Information Wall of China

    Over the past couple years, internet-fueled uprisings in Egypt, Lybia, Syria, and other parts of the world have made Chinese officials very nervous. They have exerted a firm hand in controlling any communications deemed detrimental to the ruling party and have now gone so far as to block any Google …Read More

  2. Reinventing Monopolies

    In 1936 Edwin Howard Armstrong unveiled an improvement in radio that would later become known as FM radio. Working out of an office on the 82nd floor of the Empire State Building, an office provided by RCA, Armstrong was on the verge of revolutionizing the radio industry. But it was a revolution th…Read More

  3. Micro-jobs and the emerging underground economy

    As the musical chairs game of unemployment money runs out, and an increasingly large number of people are left without a seat at the jobs table, desperation begins to set in. For them, it becomes painfully obvious that their lackluster effort to find a job, which often involves playing video games a…Read More

  4. Global System Architects – Tomorrow’s New Power Brokers

    I often describe the future with human-like characteristics. By doing so, it helps me think through our relationship with the future in novel ways. So here is an example of this: The future hates complacency. It hates complacency so much so that it has built-in self-sabotaging mechanisms to continua…Read More

  5. When Wikipedia No Longer Matters

    When the disruptors become the disrupted At what point will Wikipedia no longer matter? I’m going to go out on a limb here, but I predict a competitor will emerge to steal the majority of both mindshare and eyeballs from Wikipedia within the next ten years. No, I’m not saying this because they d…Read More

  6. Inventing the Rocking Chair Tree

    On Tuesday evening we had a packed audience at the DaVinci Institute to discuss the future of micro farming. Admittedly, we weren’t terribly well organized and the range of topics we touched on were far more than most of us could reasonably consider in a single setting. But for those who took part…Read More

  7. Eight Critical Skills for the Future

      On Monday evening I presented my thoughts on the “Future of Mobile Apps & Peripherals” at our monthly Night with a Futurist event. My talk was followed by a fascinating panel discussion with three of the industry’s brightest minds – Michael Sitarzewski, Lisa Calkins, and Gary Moskoff …Read More

  8. Rethinking the Future of Health Care

    It wasn’t what I had planned on a 70 degree day last week when “springtime in the Rockies” was in full bloom. But I was on my way to the hospital, and over the next 24 hours I would learn much about a healthcare industry that is woefully unprepared for the changes that lie ahead. Just moments …Read More

  9. Nano-Fabrics and Nano-Coatings in the Future

    Nano-Netting – Super strong nano fibers so small they are invisible to the human eye, giving the illusion of being suspended in air Imagine walking into a store in the future, a store whose business is comprised solely of applying coatings to your clothing. All of the coatings will be invisible to…Read More

  10. Charting a New Frontier for Colleges and Universities

    The great reset has not yet finished its resetting process, and colleges are moving quickly into the crosshairs, with government funding, grants, and student loans all harder to get. With a mindset steeped in tradition, college leadership is pushing institutions to be, as the U.S. Marines like to sa…Read More