1. Embracing Our Inner Cyborg

    The emerging market for smartphone peripherals is set to explode It recently occurred to me that I was pulling my iPhone out of my pocket several times an hour to check information. Over the past few months I‘ve become very self-conscious about the addictive nature of information and the OCD-like …Read More

  2. 12 Laws of the Future

    For several decades now I have been contemplating our relationship with the future. Many of my colleagues think of me as that crazy guy who assigns human attributes to this thing we call the future. On occasion you can hear me uttering phrases like, “I know it’s going to be a great day because t…Read More

  3. The Coming Transparency Wars

      A report issued Tuesday by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety boasted of the fact that red-light cameras were responsible for a significant drop in highway fatalities at the intersections where they were posted. With this one well-crafted report, a document proving they save lives, the re…Read More

  4. Connecting the Physical World with the Digital World through Apps

    We are witnessing an explosion of apps for our handheld devices. When Apple introduced their iPhone SDK (software development kit) on March 6, 2008, no one had a clue about the tectonic plate-shifting nature of this announcement. In just a few short years the number of apps has mushroomed into a for…Read More

  5. Global Elections

    Over the past month I have hosted a series of meetings to discuss the topic of global elections. The purpose of these discussions was to help expand our understanding of the topic. I also truly believe that someone will begin to produce global elections, in a meaningful way, sometime very soon. To b…Read More

  6. City of the Future – Part One

    Great communities are founded on great ideas. At the same time, our most admired communities become a magnet, attracting the brightest minds. The relational effect is clear: Bright minds make a community great, and great communities attract bright minds. In the future, communities will be designed a…Read More

  7. Interview with Ukraine’s InvestGazeta

    What will cause the power to shift among nations between now and 2050? I often get interview requests from newspaper and magazines as they probe for a better understanding of the world ahead. However, the request I received two days ago was a bit unusual. On Monday, I received an email from Elena Sn…Read More

  8. The Fall of Book Publishing: The Rise of New E-Book Business Models

    Experimenting Our Way to Success - Reinventing Publishing Models Amazon revolutionized book reading in 2007 when it introduced its Kindle book reader. Within the past three years, the explosive sale of book readers has caused a massive surge in the sale of e-books, already outpacing the sale of har…Read More

  9. Turmoil Ahead for Housing

    Consider the following scenario. Over the next few years, several major cities in the U.S. will begin to impose a ban on all new residential and commercial construction. With populations declining in numerous metro areas, they will worry openly about becoming the next Detroit with abandoned neighb…Read More