1. Visionaries Wanted – No Need to Apply, Just Do It

    What if they never existed? If Steve Jobs had never lived, would we still have the iPhone and iPad today? Similarly, if Walt Disney, George Lucas, and Pete Diamandis had all taken jobs on Wall Street instead of living their lives as true innovators, would we still have Disneyland, Star Wars, and the…Read More

  2. Living in an Age of Hyper-Awareness

    It’s amazing how a single newscast can set the world on fire. The very second Standard & Poor’s announced they had downgraded the U.S. Credit rating, communications systems around the world began to boil. Reaction time was critical and those who could react the quickest were able to position…Read More

  3. Hoping the Crime Rate Goes Up

    How many laws are governing you at this very moment? Driving across America we find ourselves constantly driving through invisible barriers where new laws come into play and old ones fade away. We have no clue as to what laws they are, or even how many, but these laws have the potential to ruin our …Read More

  4. Micro-jobs and the emerging underground economy

    As the musical chairs game of unemployment money runs out, and an increasingly large number of people are left without a seat at the jobs table, desperation begins to set in. For them, it becomes painfully obvious that their lackluster effort to find a job, which often involves playing video games a…Read More

  5. The Rise of the Cause-Architect

    In 1863, Abraham Lincoln signed into law the famous Emancipation Proclamation, an executive order that granted some freedom to slaves. But true freedom was still a century away for those who lived in the black vs. white world leading up to the Civil Rights movement, an effort that began in earnest i…Read More

  6. Education as an App

    In March of 2007 I posted my original paper on the Future of Education where I talked about a system based on an iTunes-like approach where experts around the world could use a “rapid courseware-builder” to produce bite-sized courses, send them to a global distribution center, and students from …Read More

  7. TEDxUChicago 2011 – Communicating with the Future

    Futurist Thomas Frey at the TEDx University of Chicago event We are a very backward looking society. We’re very backward looking in that we’ve all personally experienced the past.  As we look around, we see evidence of the past all around us.   The past is very knowable, yet we will spend the …Read More

  8. The Grand Experiment – Micro Agronomy

    On Sunday, April 17th I had the privilege of being the opening speaker at the TEDx event at the University of Chicago. The lineup of speakers was quite impressive and I felt honored to be presenting on the same stage with them. The event attracted a young, high-energy crowd that combined college stu…Read More

  9. Next Generation Home Ownership

      Most young people today are asking the very simple question, “Why should I buy a home?” In the past answers were always framed around phrases like “rapid appreciation,” “good tax write-off,” “long-term investment,” and “building equity.” Today, real estate sales agents are qui…Read More

  10. Eight Critical Skills for the Future

      On Monday evening I presented my thoughts on the “Future of Mobile Apps & Peripherals” at our monthly Night with a Futurist event. My talk was followed by a fascinating panel discussion with three of the industry’s brightest minds – Michael Sitarzewski, Lisa Calkins, and Gary Moskoff …Read More