1. 3.) Trends to Watch in 2010 – Forced Entrepreneurship

    Forced entrepreneurship, making its way to a family near you One of the overriding forces in 2010 will be the financial pressures stemming from the recession. The recession will not be ending anytime soon because Washington is too focused on the wrong issues, and the stimulus money is not being chan…Read More

  2. 2.) Trends to Watch in 2010 – The Coming Legal Marijuana Era

    With the hippie generation moving into the seat of power, many of the hard-line arguments for keeping marijuana on the same banned substance lists as heroine and cocaine are fading into the history books. The challenge all along for those wishing for outright legalization of pot has been that it doe…Read More

  3. 1.) Trends to Watch in 2010 – The End of Golf

    Golf has hit a brick wall, a veritable trifecta of bad luck. Rest assured, golf won’t be going away anytime soon, but the current industry slump is only the beginning of a much larger trend. When you combine the fact that there are too many golf courses, declining revenue streams, record number of…Read More

  4. The Future of Colleges & Universities – Part Three

    Disruptive Technologies NOTE: The following is the third in a four part series title: The Future of Colleges & Universities:  Blueprint for a Revolution Even though learning technologies will ascend to the realm of the virtual world, there will still be interface devices that connect digital le…Read More

  5. The Future of Colleges & Universities – Part Two

    The College Experience NOTE: The following is the second in a four part series title: The Future of Colleges & Universities:  Blueprint for a Revolution Colleges and Universities carry with them considerable inertia. They have long-standing traditions, huge alumni networks, solid brands in the …Read More

  6. Future Trends Report :: 8 Key Trends Affecting Our Future

    If you are feeling left behind by all of the changes happening around us, you're not alone. In this week's Future Trend Report we are finding that there are currently nearly 90,000 local governmental entities that have sprung to life in the US. This includes counties, municipalities, and townships a…Read More

  7. The Museum of the Future

    Establishing a new standard for cultural relevance Just mention the word museum and a myriad of images come to mind. Folks line up for blocks for a King Tut exhibit. Visitors swarm extravagant nanotechnology and human anatomy displays. Static displays have been the bread and butter for years. That i…Read More

  8. Top 8 Future Trend Report

    According to Wikipedia, "futurology is the philosophy, science, art and practice of postulating possible, probable, and preferable futures and the worldviews and myths that underlie them. Futurist studies seek to understand what is likely to continue, what is likely to change, and what is novel." Be…Read More

  9. Empty Playgrounds: Global Populations in Decline

    Many countries are asking, "Where have all the children gone?" In the next sixty seconds 245 babies will be born worldwide. India and China alone will add 36 and 29 respectively. When numbers such as these are reported by the news media they paint a very gloomy picture of the world to come. This por…Read More

  10. The Future of Influence

      The changing nature of super influencers and their evolving impact on the world around you Clergymen, columnists and teachers have it. Even butchers at grocery stores have it. What they do is hold your attention better than most and engender trust. That’s influence. We are social creatures who…Read More