1. The Coolest Profession on Earth – Next Generation Agriculture

    Future agribusiness professionals will be some of the most highly skilled people on earth, and the envy of the executive class When people think of farming, they typically conjure up images of a tractor cresting a hill billowing large plumes of exhaust into the air. However, recent news of a system …Read More

  2. When Smart Grid Meets Smart Home

      Way back when guys were sporting white leisure suits and “mod” hair styles, I enrolled in my first programming class. In 1973, programmers were introduced to the far less glamorous world of FORTRAN working with machines that churned out punch cards. Like electricity, computer power was a prec…Read More

  3. Future Trends Report :: 8 Key Trends Affecting Our Future

    If you are feeling left behind by all of the changes happening around us, you're not alone. In this week's Future Trend Report we are finding that there are currently nearly 90,000 local governmental entities that have sprung to life in the US. This includes counties, municipalities, and townships a…Read More

  4. Animal Intelligence

      Leveraging animal intelligence. Crazy idea? What if we could increase the intelligence of animals? Here is some behind the scenes footage of Futurist Thomas Frey expanding on some crazy notions about increasing animal intelligence. Hmmm, maybe not so crazy.…Read More

  5. Top 8 Future Trend Report

    According to Wikipedia, "futurology is the philosophy, science, art and practice of postulating possible, probable, and preferable futures and the worldviews and myths that underlie them. Futurist studies seek to understand what is likely to continue, what is likely to change, and what is novel." Be…Read More

  6. The Future of Influence

      The changing nature of super influencers and their evolving impact on the world around you Clergymen, columnists and teachers have it. Even butchers at grocery stores have it. What they do is hold your attention better than most and engender trust. That’s influence. We are social creatures who…Read More

  7. The Simplification Mandate

    Even a little ding can cause the dominoes to fall Ever have one of those days? Run a day late on a credit card payment, you’re dinged a $39 late fee. Miss a traffic sign on our way across town – right in front of a cop – and get dinged another $150. There are ways to compound your grief, too. …Read More

  8. The Coming Wave of Entrepreneurship

    "The economy’s greatest hope may be in its aspiring entrepreneurs" Traditionally it could be predicted that for every 100 people who join the ranks of the jobless, seven will attempt to start a business. Some find business niches, others invent and still others find a better way to do something ma…Read More

  9. Declaring War on Human Death

    No person should ever die… EVER! Is that our goal? Is that the direction we are headed in? Futurist and author Ray Kurzweil is convinced an end to disease and possibly death by trauma may be here in a matter of decades. He’s taking vitamins like they are candy on a personal quest for the ultimat…Read More

  10. The Future of the Avatar

    Next generation gaming is not for the faint of heart Life is a game. Every day we find ourselves in the middle of the game, involving the work we do, the people we hang out with, and the social structures that surround us. But who exactly created this game? Each day we live our lives as animated pla…Read More