Does Your Organization Need a Clear Picture of the Future

Organizations that struggle to keep up with advances in technology fail. Organizations who are able to stay ahead of trends and meet the demands that customers will have in the future do more than survive, they thrive. But how do you know what the future holds? Thomas Frey has been developing and presenting visions of what the future holds and the opportunities for individuals, businesses and the world as a whole. If your organization needs a clear picture of where technology is headed, and what opportunities there are to implement now, Futurist Thomas Frey is an internationally renowned keynote speaker who can help you find them.

An Experienced Futurist Speaker

Thomas Frey has presented his visions of the future to countless business and organizations around the world, including IBM, NASA, HP, Disney and many more.  He’s also been featured in thousands of articles in national and international publications. He’s established a reputation as a Visionary of the Future, grounded in facts and bringing accurate predictions in interesting presentations. You can discover more about Tom on his bio page.

Customized Futurist Presentations for Your Organization

What does your organization need to know? Perhaps, it’s how driverless cars will impact your industry in the years to come.  Or maybe, it’s how construction will happen in the future. Or how the insurance industry will handle the changing definition of risk. Or the emerging education market. Futurist Speaker Thomas Frey has presented these topics and many more to organizations like yours. He will tailor a presentation to the needs of your organization and help you find the opportunities that the future holds for you.

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