The Future of Business – Major Trends and Driving Forces Creating the New Business Paradyme

What will be the major driving forces over the next ten years? Will it be changes in technology, business practices, government or public policies? Or will it be a solution for a major problems such as a cure for cancer, environmental issues, global conflicts, or poverty?

As I started pulling my notes for a recent “future trends” talk, I instantly became overwhelmed by the sheer volume of changes currently in the works. The number of moving parts seems to exceed the number of stationary parts. All of our markets, systems, and technologies have become incredibly fluid, and much like a floating vessel, we are heading to parts unknown. To most, the chaotic nature of interconnecting trends and the extreme possibilities appear at times like a spinning compass needle. However, the disarray that we find ourselves in cries out for answers – some glimpse of the uncharted waters that lie beyond the horizon. Economic uncertainties create great opportunities for those who can spot them, and that’s where I come in.

This talk is be custom tailored to match the needs and interests of your specific audience. The overall goal is to take a probing look at the major forces behind today’s chaotic business environment and focus on where the opportunities lie. It is the perfect opening keynote for an event, setting a positive tone with a message of hope and inspiration for tomorrow’s business leaders. – Keynote


This LINK takes you to the Slovenian translation of Thomas’ article.