If you’ve spent just about any time here on Earth — and we’re assuming that you have if you’re here reading this right now — we’re confident that you’ve interacted with a business at some point or another in your life. Perhaps you own a business of your own, or you’re involved in the management of several enterprises. Whatever the case is, it’s seemingly impossible to avoid businesses in the modern, developed world. In the context of purchasing and acquiring various goods and services, businesses are what make things happen.

Difficult Questions That Must Be Addressed For A Better Tomorrow

In the finance sector and other industries that heavily rely on numbers, predictions are important. This is especially the case when it comes to making calculated investments. What’s the next major consumer trend going to be? When will a certain industry “blow up” and rapidly expand? Where should you invest your funds next? These questions are integral to the future of business.

As important as business is today, we’d be rash to discount the importance of business in the future. The way money moves around the world, as well as those who harbor varying levels of wealth, is an interesting topic of focus that will only gain attention in years to come. Posing critical questions around manufacturing logistics, the switch from brick and mortar businesses to ecommerce platforms, and new products and services that might not currently exist are all worthy of some serious thought.

The Future Of Business Keynote Speaker

As part of his futurist expertise, futurist speaker Thomas Frey identifies and addresses these important questions as they relate to the future of business in a rapidly developing, highly digitized world. Though the future is difficult to accurately predict, business-related matters are just one of several crucial areas of futurism that must be thoroughly understood in order for people around the world to enjoy comfortable, sensible, and fulfilling lives.

Below are just several of the seemingly-endless points that relate to the future of business and how developing business trends will eventually re-shape our world economy:

  • Critical job skills in the future
  • The impact of virtual reality on news, training simulations, entertainment, and more
  • Positions deemed obsolete due to automation in technology
  • Changes in manufacturing processes
  • Reliance on algorithms and complex computing in various industries
  • Controversy in rights for robotic technology and other “lifelike” virtual reality platforms
  • New job positions based on advanced technology standards
  • The progressive digitization of society and the working world

Of course, these pressing matters only represent the tip of the iceberg when it comes to technological innovation and the future of business. As a visionary architect of the future, Google’s top rated futurist speaker Thomas Frey seeks to find accurate answers to questions surrounding what businesses will look like in ten, twenty, or fifty years and beyond.

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Having started some seventeen businesses himself and helped in the development of hundreds more, Thomas’ extensive research into future business trends and ubiquitous experience in many different industries has positioned him as an entrepreneurial visionary.

If you work in a dynamic industry or your company is poised for many changes in the near and distant future, know that futurist speaker Thomas Frey brings great value to the table. By helping companies prepare for the future and giving executives a better idea of what’s to come, businesses around the world can re-adjust their strategies and ultimately work toward a better tomorrow.

Again, it’s difficult to know exactly what the future looks like. However, by working with futurist business keynote speaker Thomas Frey, you and your company team will feel inspired and better prepared to tackle various issues as they relate to your industry. Book him today and make a wise investment in his future of business keynote speaking services.

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