NOTE: In addition to the videos listed here, a wide variety of videos can be see on Futurist Thomas Frey’s YouTube Channel.

The Future of Payments – Future of Business

Within 5 years mobile devices will replace credit and debit cards, wallets, lenders, brokers, insurance agents and money transfers abroad .….or will they? ….and what part of this will the current banking industry still control? Will ATMs in the future dispense cash, recharge phones, cards, or something else?

10 Unanswerable Questions that Neither Science nor Religion can Answer

In this provocative piece, Futurist Thomas Frey explores the edges of what’s knowable and what’s not. Keep in mind “Our greatest motivations in life come from NOT knowing the future!”

Futurist Thomas Frey’s predictions featured at the World Economic Forum 

If we apply A.I. to teacherbots, the new game will be to find the fastest way to teach students. Over time, AI’s will learn every students interests, their proclivities, idiosyncrasies, preferred tools, personal reference points, and how to keep them engaged and learning even in the face of distractions.

Future of the Steel Industry

In this presentation, Futurist Thomas Frey presents his thoughts on the “future of the steel industry” to executives at POSCO and the leaders of the steel industry in Seoul, Korea – October, 2016.

When Ivory Towers Fall: The Emerging Education Marketplace

Futurist Thomas Frey at TEDXReset 2012 in Istanbul. What does the world of education hold and who will take on the reskilling of displaced workers once their jobs are automated out of existence?

78 Skills that will be Difficult to Automate

Robots are coming. They’re coming with or without our blessing, and in shapes and forms we can’t even imagine. However, when it comes to automation, the marketplace will decide, and the market is not always logical. Continue reading at

The Coming Meat Wars – 17 Mind-Blowing Predictions

The stage has been set for some truly profound changes as urban agriculture expands into cultured meats and becomes both cheaper and better than ranch grown meats. Continue reading at


Today, Meet the Future

Futurist Thomas Frey appears on the show, ‘Today, meet the future’ on Korea’s National Broadcasting System KBS. Recorded in front of a live studio audience on April 20, 2015 in Seoul, Korea. While the beginning is in Korean, the Q&A at the 40 min mark is in English.

What Industries will produce the First Trillionaires?

According to Forbes Magazine, there are currently 1,826 people who qualified as billionaires in 2014, with Bill Gates leading the pack with a total net worth of $78 billion. So what industries have sufficient growth potential to create the first trillionaires? Here’s a quick look at some of these industries.

Every Disaster Has a Beginning: In Search of Anomaly Zero

As tiny humans battling the giant forces of nature, we need to do battle when the problems are still small. Anomaly Zero is the first detectable sign that something is wrong. Continue reading at

Weaponized A.I. – 36 Early Examples

Of all the topics I’ve spoken on, this one scares me the most. Yes, artificial intelligence, one of humanity’s greatest achievements, can also unleash the seeds of our own destruction. Continue reading at

NOTE: In addition to the videos listed here, a wide variety of videos can be see on Futurist Thomas Frey’s YouTube Channel.